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Clive Soord Ceramics – Photography

Clive Soord is an artist from Canterbury in Kent that creates amazing works of sculpture using ceramics and mixed media. This series of photos is of his latest piece called “A Whale’s Tale” that will feature on his new website we are currently designing – www.clivesoord.co.uk

Japan’s return to whaling two years ago prompted me to make this work. Heathcote Williams wrote a book about all the things that whales were used for in support of the industrial evolution: “This astonishing evocation in verse and pictures of whales, dolphins, the ocean, the earth and the universe invites all readers to share in a celebration of the whale and be touched by a call for compassion for these creatures and for the civilisation built on the back of the whale,” This installation aims to raise awareness of the plight of these magnificent creatures. It’s made in sections to illustrate the mechanical dismemberment of the whale on huge factory vessels. On the back of the whale are massive vats for storing the oil, modern buildings and intercontinental ballistic missiles, launched to spell the end of us, and after we are gone nature will prevail and the world will go on turning.
Clive Soord

Photography Type: Product Photography

Location: Canterbury, Kent