Product Photography On White

Product Photography On White

Have you ever tried to take your product photos on white, but when you place them on your website the backgrounds look grey? This can be a tricky process, what the human eye sees compared to 100% white or #ffffff of your website or product catalogue can be quite different and only noticeable once you’ve uploaded or placed your photos.

At Beamtwenty3 we photograph the products on a white background making sure the product is exposed, sharp and in focus. The photos are all imported into Lightroom, where adjustments are made for colour balance and an initial cropping of the image. The next phase is opening the photos in Photoshop where we test to see if the background is 100% white, if not the image is removed from its background and placed on a new background with the hex value of #ffffff (100% White).

The final stage is resizing and saving in the appropriate file format for the online ecommerce website, product brochure or catalogue and then sending on to the client.

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Location: Faversham, Kent

Work Carried out: Photography, Product Photography