Social Media Photography for Gallery Kitchen Café

Social Media Photography for Gallery Kitchen Café

I’ve been a resident at Creek Creative in Faversham for over 14 years now and one of the great things about having a studio here is having access to the brilliant Gallery Kitchen Café. Chef Lorraine creates an amazing menu with healthy and hearty lunches using local seasonal ingredients.

Lorraine approached me to work with her on their social media images, to promote the menu and the ranges of dietary options, including vegan and dairy free dishes.

Inspired by my love of food and flicking through Waitrose food illustrated magazine during my time at uni, where I worked on the twilight shift in “stock replenishment” we wanted to find a quick and easy way to shoot the dishes, without impacting on the customers in the cafe.

The dishes were all shot on my phone in my studio, where I set up a range of different backgrounds so we could quickly process the images and upload them straight to social media.

Location: Faversham, Kent

Work Carried out: Food Photography, Lifestyle Photography, Photography