Faversham Monopoly

Faversham Monopoly

Really excited to be working with Liz from Shore Way Marketing on the new Faversham Monopoly website.

You can Pre-Order your own copy of the Faversham Monopoly board game for delivery or collection in November 2023 – Faversham Monopoly

Faversham Monopoly is a project that really demonstrates how we can come together as a team to achieve something big, and this was really big!

The object of this project was to create a Faversham version of Hasbro’s iconic board game, Monopoly. To make 2,500 games we needed to raise over £50k (Plus VAT) to have it made under licence. Fundraising had to be done under the rules laid down by Hasbro and we wanted to have the games available by autumn 2023, just 18 months after we committed to go ahead with the project.

The idea was dreamt up by Liz, who has run it around her day to day business, helped by a team of volunteers and consultants.

Simon came up with the design of all of the promotional material, including 40ft banners we used to dress a carnival float! This all has to be signed off by Hasbro.

Neil provided our website and shop where you can pre order a copy of the game, this was especially tricky, as we couldn’t get this signed off until we had submitted the game to Hasbro for production. The product photography was also provided by Neil, to give shoppers a glimpse of how the finished game will look.

And Ima, who has provided the PR, the words and is now co-writing the book about how we did it. Ima also kept us motivated and on track, we can’t tell you how valuable that was to this project.

Liz set her mind to doing this, but without being part of this collaboration it would have been much harder to do, and having a supportive team of like minded businesses makes the hardest tasks feel achievable!

Location: Faversham, Kent

Work Carried out: Photography, Product Photography, Web Design, WordPress